New App: Show Me My IMEI

Simple application to display your device's IMEI number.
Number can be copied or emailed.

Supports move to SD card on Android 2.2 or higher.

More info and the download link in our apps page.


New App: Business Travel Logger

Our most super awesomest app yet!!

Business Travel Logger is a lightning-fast mileage ledger and expenses logger - for your private/business travel, as required for tax claims or corporate reimbursement.

The main design principal behind this app was to make it as QUICK AS POSSIBLE for you to capture a journey, and there are a host of features to speed things up, including odometer prediction, colour-coded quick-log category buttons, long-press buttons, and an onscreen numpad!

Your journey logs can be archived to a spreadsheet and emailed & loads of other features.

Check out the apps page for more details and the download links for the FREE TRIAL version, and the full paid version.


New App: SensBlock

We're thrilled to announce our first free app to grace the splendiferous Android Market!

SensBlock is some awesome senseless eye-candy for your Android phone - which will entice and amaze your friends with it's smooth gradient colours and hypnotic rotation!

SensBlock, making use of your Android device's orientation sensors, is a 3D Open GL app featuring a colourful cube that rotates and speeds up as you turn your phone or android device.

More info and the download link in our apps page.