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SensBlock - short for Sensor Block - is a simple Open GL toy application for Android.

Awesome mystical and magical colourful block that rotates using your phone's orientation sensors!
The block rotates and speeds up as you turn your phone or android device!

Supports move to SD Card on Android 2.2 or higher.

Can be used to test orientation sensor and Open GL rendering on your device, or as a crude spirit level.

Try and hold your phone perfectly level to stop the rotation... it's harder than you think!


Business Travel Logger

Business Travel Logger is a lightning-fast mileage & expense logger / ledger for your private/business travel - for tax claims / corporate reimbursement.

The main design principal behind this app was to make it as QUICK AS POSSIBLE for you to capture a journey.

Free Trial Version available (see below).

Entries are odometer based, and build from one entry to the next, thus it only takes one odometer entry at the end of your journey to complete the log.

Additional features for fast input include:
  • Odometer prediction (don't have to type the odometer reading each time)
  • Colour-coded quick-log category buttons (don't have to type a description each time)
  • [+] and [-] long-press buttons (don't have to type the odometer reading each time)
  • Onscreen numpad! (much faster than the standard soft keyboard)

Main features:
  • Android 1.6 and newer
  • Move to SD card enabled! (requires Android 2.2)
  • NO account registration required, NO online access required, NO further fees
  • Odometer based - no need to enable battery-draining gps
  • Optimized for very fast input
  • Odometer prediction!!!
  • Day[+] & [-] buttons for logging something you forgot yesterday
  • Archive logs as spreadsheet to SD Card, and email as attachment
  • Travel expense input
  • Recent logs preview, View full logs and delete entry feature
  • Customizable distance unit (km/mi)
  • Automatic localized currency unit (also customizable)
  • Automatic localized date formatting
  • Supports low and high resolution screens (Wildfire, Magic / Saphire, Nexus, Desire, etc)
  • Quick-Start Guide & Full manual included - viewable offline!


Business Travel Logger - Trial

This is the trial version of our incredible Business Travel Logger app - used for mileage & expense logging, for tax claims or corporate reimbursement.

(see above for full details & features).


Show Me My IMEI

Simple application to display your device's IMEI number.
Number can be copied or emailed.

Supports move to SD card on Android 2.2 or higher.